Return and Compensation Rules

1. Refunds

We take care of our customers, and we have certain refund and return rules:

  1. We can return your money only until your order gets to the warehouse for procession, until it is actually sent out.
  2. If you have any doubts about your order and you plan to cancel it, be sure to contact our online consultant without a delay via the website or email ― [email protected]. You can also use the contact page ― ― or get in touch with us via Telegram or Whatsapp.
  3. In case your order has been actually sent out and delivered to you, we will not be able to make a refund.

2. Reshipping

In some cases, an order can be stuck somewhere at customs or at a postal facility or lost on its way to you, then you can count on compensation.

  1. If an order is stuck or lost, we will reship it. But we cannot ensure safe shipping to certain countries. We can send an order to those directions by prior arrangement with a client only. There is a possibility that an order will not be delivered, and a client should agree to take all the risks. In such cases we do not reship orders and do not pay refunds.
  2. Here is a list of countries where the rule of no reshipping and refunds applies. Dear customers, please take note of this:

    • EU
    • Australia;
    • Canada;
    • Cambodia.
  3. In exceptional cases, if an order is lost twice or more times, we can consider the possibility of a refund.

3. Damages to products during shipping

If a client sees that a product received has been damaged, we can consider his compensation claim.

  1. Be sure to make a photo (photos) of a damaged product and get in touch with us in any way convenient for you ― an online consultant, [email protected],, Whatsapp or Telegram.
  2. If a product has been damaged due to our fault, we will definitely pay compensation.


Each case of returning or reshipping is considered on an individual basis. If you have any doubts, be sure to contact us to receive additional information.