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Benefits and Effects of Oral Steroids

  • First of all, you do not need to make any injections.

This is the key argument. One can hardly find many people who enjoy receiving injections. Besides, making injections requires specific skills and knowledge. And it can be hard to deal with this procedure without external help.

  • Also, you can take pills in any place without attracting too much attention.

Many athletes choose oral anabolic steroids since they can bring them anywhere.

  • Steroids in tablets disappear from the organism without a trace in a few days.

Taking steroids is illegal in many countries. So, bodybuilders and sportsmen must undergo doping tests to participate in competitions. If you use steroids in tablets, you can stop taking them 5–10 days before the test, and no active substance will be detected. And injectable anabolics stay in the body for a long time ― up to a month.

Disadvantages of Using:

  • To achieve your goals, you will need to take anabolic pills every day.

In fact, you will have to take such tablets several times per day at regular intervals. That requires strict discipline.

  • Oral steroids can make a negative impact on the digestive system.

Both oral and injectable anabolic steroid drugs can cause common side effects, like acne or roid rage. But pills pass through the digestive system before they get to the blood. They can cause liver damage and other digestive problems. To prevent adverse consequences, follow the dosage prescribed by your sports doctor. Also, apply post course therapy after every cycle.

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